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Publisher's description

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a typing instruction application and offers the following features:
Dynamic Personal Instruction: Mavis Beacon will automatically place you in the lessons based on your current skill level and adjust your path as you progress through the training program.
Practice Area: Mavis Beacon lets you choose what you use to practice your typing. Select from hundreds of articles and passages covering a wide variety of topics and subjects including literary classics, history, autobiographies and poetry.
Custom Lesson Designer: Use your own imported text or leverage Mavis Beacon's library to build your own Custom Lessons.
Typing Games: With a total of 16 challenging games designed to improve your typing speed, accuracy and/or rhythm, the Typing Games are sure to help you improve and you'll have fun while you’re doing it.
Progress Tracking & Reporting: Mavis Beacon tracks your performance over time and provides a series of reports so that you can understand and review your progress.
Special Language Options:
* Spanish Mode: In Spanish Mode, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing presents help, reports and more in Spanish.
* Practice Lessons in French & Spanish: In the Practice Area, users can elect to practice their typing skills using French or Spanish content.
This application is available in three versions: Mac & Win; Mac only and Win only.

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    Maung Maung Lwin 26 days ago

    I want that teacher typing.

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    hashi 28 days ago

    Excuse me .
    First, I live in Somalia. I need Moves Beacon.

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    Iyanu Anuoluwa 11 months ago

    Mavis Beacon is a good typing platform.

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